The island Texel

"Discover the island Texel during a bike tour and a boat trip."

• Take the Ferry to Texel
• Discovery Bike tour
• Extraordinary Boat trip

Dutch Wadden Island!

Texel with its varied landscapes just as the main land in The Netherlands is often called “The Netherlands in miniature”. The biggest Wadden Island The Netherlands
has to offer, with 7 warm and friendly villages, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful flora and fauna and a unique national park. Not only will you find another kind of
landscapes and nature on this biggest Wadden Island of the Netherlands, also you discover a whole new culture with a historical gastronomy with sheep cheese.

An imposing ferry will take you to this one of a kind Wadden Island. Explore Texel and its wonderful sights it has to offer with a guided bike tour. During this one of a
kind trip you will get in touch with nature again. Mudflat walking on the beaches, while spotting seals in the sea.

An impressive tour by bike on this wonderful Wadden Island will let you experience The Netherlands in a whole other way. You will not only see one of a kind landscapes, you will also hear the history about these magnificent sights. Discover the wonderful beaches by bike and their beach pavilions. One of the most famous beach is the onewith the red lighthouse, a must see for every visitor on this
Dutch Wadden Island.

Fantastic boat trip along the island on the North Sea. Enjoy the wonderful breeze of the sea on the sun deck of the boat. Amazing stories about the different kind of fish
in the Wadden Sea. While making this once in a lifetime boat trip you have the ideal opportunity to fish for prawns and watch for seals. This is the Wadden Island of The
Netherlands you need to visit once in your life!


• 2x night on the Texel Island

• 2x breakfast

• Ferry to Texel

• Lunch at Texel

• Bike tour

• Boat trip


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