Castle Route

"Discover the Amsterdam castle and take a boat trip to peninsula Pampus."

• Discover Amsterdam castle
• Boat trip to Pampus
• Explore Amsterdam

Kingdom of The Netherlands!

Exploring the Netherlands and its riches in the mighty castle of Amsterdam. A medieval castle in good condition with a round tower on every corner. Amsterdam castle is part of the UNESCO-listed Defence Line of Amsterdam. Magnificent views from the top of the castle, a story about the period of time of the Golden Age and enchanting surroundings of the gardens of the Amsterdam Castle. When visiting the top of this castle you will have a view on the fort island Pampus. Where after your visit to the castle you can get some rest and visit the fort which covers the
whole island.

Unique narratives, history, culture and nature all to discover when visiting the Amsterdam Castle and the fort island Pampus. First float to the island on a boat from Muiden to the magnificent to the peninsula. On the uninhabited island you can walk around and discover the most wonderful fort of Pampus. With its unique history and amazing activities for everyone.

Discover Amsterdam with its historical canals. Enjoy the centuries-old canals while walking along. During the tour, you will see the city from a different perspective, a must do during your visit of Amsterdam! This city with her history also has delicious Dutch products which you are going to taste and experience.


A walk through The Netherlands greatest riches, Amsterdam. This royal city will take you back in time with its beautiful royal palace, grand central station and magnificent facade houses on the canal The Keizersgracht. During this tour you are going to explore Dutch culture in different ways. Taste our delicious food and drinks, hear the stories and see the beautiful sights of the old city center.


• 2x night in the area of                  Amsterdam

• 2x breakfast

• Amsterdam castle

• Boat trip Pampus

• City tour Amsterdam


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