The Golden age

"Explore the art of The Golden Age in Het Rembrandthuis and The Rijksmuseum. During a city tour in Hoorn and a visit to The WestFries museum."

• Explore Het
• Discover Rijksmuseum
• City tour Hoorn
• Cheese & Clogg farm
• Explore WestFries museum

The richness of old-Holland!

Every country has its 'golden' time; for the Netherlands that was the seventeenth century, the Golden Age. Still visible thanks to the construction of the canals in Amsterdam and the museums full of art from that period.


The Dutch dominated the oceans and the expansion drive knew no bounds. The young Republic, which in the sameperiod was wrestling with the violence of war in Spanish rule, grew into an exceptional society where not a king but the citizen was in charge. Where a period of time where the wonderful painter was born.

Celebrate the legacy of Rembrandt van Rijn and theGolden Age in 2019. Rembrandt van Rijn, one of Holland’s most famous Dutch Masters, with beautiful paintings from the 17th century, an era known as the Dutch Golden Age. This is the year it’s 350 years after his death. The reason for a celebration of this powerful era in time and wonderful master.

Rijksmuseum and Rembrandhuis are the museums to take you back in time, to the time when Rembrandt was still working on his paintings and the end results. Rijksmuseumand Rembrandthuis are in possession of the largest collections of Rembrandt in the whole world.


Discover all of the influences from the Golden age duringa city tour in the authentic city Hoorn. At no more than a 40 minute drive from Amsterdam. Hoorn is one of the
home ports of the Dutch East-India company (VOC). Inside this wonderful city is the WestFries museum. A museum that will welcome you in the era of The Golden
Age with its 40 unique copies of Rembrandt and other magnificent unique stories about this period of time.


• 2x night in the area of  Amsterdam

• 2x breakfast

• Entrance Het Rembrandtshuis

• Entrance Rijksmuseum

• City tour Hoorn

• Visit to a Cheese &  Clogg farm

• Entrance WestFries museum


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