The Zaanse schans

"Explore Zaandam by visiting the openair museum The Zaanse Schans on foot and by boat. Taste cheese and visit the Zaans Museum. Last but not least a unique walking tour around the history of the city."

• Visit Zaanse Schans
• Explore Zaans Museum
• Discover Zaandam
• Cheese & Clogg farm
• Windmill cruise

Authentic Holland

Relive the 18th and 19th century in a visit to The Zaanse Schans. One of the most visited Wind Mill parks in the area of Amsterdam with lots of visitors from all over the world. Wander around this residential area and discoveran authentic part of The Netherlands.

Discover the Zaanse Schans in a unique way with the inhabitants of the village walking around in traditional Dutch costumes, the charming walking routes along the old-fashioned Zaanse houses with their breathtaking gardens, various shops from the old centuries, such as the first Albert Heijn supermarket and the famous cheese farm Catharina Hoeve. The Zaans Museum is also located inside
this magnificent area.

In addition to this unique experience, discover the brewing city Zaandam with a visit to the Czar Peter House. Walk through the heart of the city Zaandam. During the 1.5 hour tour you will walk along several highlights. For example the blue house, the studio of the famous painter Monet, the city hall of Zaandam, the Inntel hotel which is located next to the train station of Zaandam, which is built in a
typical Zaanse style and the Czaar Peterhuisje.

The Czaar Peterhuisje is one of the oldest wooden houses in the Netherlands and is built in 1632 as a laborers house from old wood of a ship. Nowadays this is a popular destination for tourists and you are going to visit this house. During the tour you will go inside by the Czaar Peterhuisje and you will do a tour with fun and interestingstories about the existence of the house.

The guide will tell you fun stories about the city and she
will let you see the highlights in a different perspective.

• 2x night in the area of Amsterdam
• 2x breakfast
• Visit Zaanse Schans
• Entrance Zaans Museum
• Discover Zaandam
• Visit to a Cheese &
  Clogg farm
• Windmill cruise


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