Enjoy the life of a fisherman

"Enjoy the life of a fisherman while discovering Monnickendam, Volendam and Marken. And the harbour city Enkhuizen with a visit Zuiderzee museum."

• Discover Monnickendam,
  Volendam and Marken
• Explore Enkhuizen
• Visit Zuiderzee museum

Go back to the past!

Monnickendam, Volendam and Marken are three different villages located on the Markermeer. Monnickendam is known as a quiet fishing village and its harbour. Volendam the most popular tourist destination, and known fortraditional Dutch customs and its lovely harbour. In thisharbour you can find wonderful fish which is called Paling (eel). Marken is a traditional small peninsula, connected to main land. Marken is known for its authentic wooden houses. All three these villages have a different rich historical story behind the wonderful fish you can catch and eat there. While driving from village to village you will drive through authentic Dutch polders and along narrow dykes.

Discover a wonderful city along the lake of the Ijsselmeer,a historical West-Fries village which you will visit during this wonderful experience. Enkhuizen, is a harbour city known for its fish. Step back in time with its history about the period of the Golden Age. When Enkhuizen was one of the main port cities of the Netherlands. During the walking tour in Enkhuizen you walk past historical VOC
buildings, museums, unique attractions like the “Zuiderker” and numerous wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants. The tour ends at the ZuiderZee Museum.

Want to feel even more like a fisherman?
Go back in time while visiting the authentic village of Zuiderzee museum. Discover the outdoor museum and go on an hour-long journey with your guide. Experience daily life before the Afsluitdijk (1932) and experience in a relaxed way how people used to live around, with the Zuiderzee. While visiting walk past cozy little houses
through small streets, play games where your grandfather and grandmother grew up with and taste a freshly smoked fish.


• 2x night in the area of  Amsterdam

• 2x breakfast

• Day trip Monnickendam,

• Volendam and Marken

• City tour Enkhuizen

• Zuiderzee museum


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